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Get To Know Me!

Hi, I'm Olivia. I'm a full time creative with a passion for self discovery. Have you seen me on TV? That's because I'm also involved in the Toronto film & TV industry.

Olivia's Mission
We really enjoyed working with you and loved how smoothly the collaboration went. We want you as a long term partner.
Ana Luisa Jewelry
Wow WOW! Thank you for creating such beautiful content, we absolutely loved the IG carousel and YouTube video gift guide. We appreciate you being our Merit muse and look forward to continuing this relationship as we continue to grow.
Merit Beauty
You make magic girl!!! Thank you for the video! Looks great and very organic. The angle is perfect! The quality of the video is great too.
Working with Olivia was an amazing experience. She is professional, intelligent and easy to talk to. Her bubbly, positive personality made all the difference. I would highly recommend using her services.
Jordan Claire Robbins, Actress 'The Umbrella Academy'
Working with Olivia was extremely comforting and produced some very real and authentic content. She is, to put it simply, absolutely wonderful.
Julian Taylor, The Julian Taylor Band
Olivia you have done a fantastic job. Not only did you integrate our holiday items, but you also added our pjs, intimates and leggings too! This TikTok is authentic. Shout out to the well-thought out caption too!

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New Actor Help

Even though my primary focus is UGC content creation, I still like to share my knowledge about the film industry. I help new actors position themselves as professionals. I'll give it to you straight — without the false hopes, scams, and empty promises.