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1. If you're a new actor, I can help you get started 

If you know that the world of film and TV is where you need to be, I’m here to provide you with the 1:1 help you need to make your dream come true!

I can help you ace your self-tape auditions, perfect your actor's résumé, help you perfect your on-camera look, and coach you through the ups and downs of getting started in the industry.

I’ve worked both in front of the camera and behind, and I’ll use my years of experience to help you develop a plan and land that role — it’s time to get you on set!

To get started go to the services page & purchase the new actors consult.


2. I can be your brand video creator

Businesses and brands, pay attention! If you’re not already leveraging a well-planned video content strategy, it’s time! I’m here to help you get organized by providing you with a plan to bring your video vision to life.

Want to get videos on your social media and website ASAP? Try my full-servce video testimonial service.

Email me at to tell me about your business and let’s talk possibilities!


3. I can be your brand ambassador

I’m a seasoned content creator, actress, media personality, and the ideal spokesperson for your brand! Need video reviews, in-use product shots for your social media, or just a shoutout on my platforms? I've worked with some awesome brands, and I can't wait to work with you!

[I just hit 29k followers on TikTok and I'm growing every day!]

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