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1. UGC Content Creation

Businesses and brands, pay attention! If you’re not already leveraging UGC video and photography content, it’s time! 

So what happens next? You tell us about your target audience. We research your niche & then Olivia becomes your target audience. In the end, you get wonderful organic content that can be used for ads/your marketing purposes.

Plus, not only is Olivia a seasoned content creator but she's also an actress and media personality.

UGC Services options include: reviews & testimonials, product demos, unboxings, voiceover options, product/service review, lifestyle/aesthetic content, etc.

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2. New Actors Needing Guidance

Since Olivia's background is in film and television, services related to helping new actors navigate the world of entertainment are still active.

If you know that the world of film and TV is where you need to be, Olivia is here to provide you with the 1:1 help you need to make your dream come true!

Just a note that acting classes are NOT offered at this time. Instead, Olivia can guide you on the business side of the industry (which isn't spoken about often). For example: how to set up your self-tape auditions, perfect your actor's résumé, and coach you through the ups and downs of getting started in the industry.

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