Meet Olivia

Hi! I’m Olivia Gudaniec and I am the CEO and founder here at Olivia G Media.

I started this company because I believed that there could be an easier and more effective way for companies and solopreneurs to put their message out there in a way that made people listen. Over the years, I’ve developed a knack for creating fun, engaging video through interview and after a couple of years of consulting, I decided to make it official and launch Olivia G Media.

In addition to helping new actors navigate the world of film and tv, I also provide personalized, one-on-one video strategy to create awesome, clean, evergreen, and engaging professional video content for brands to appeal to their ideal clients and create meaningful and profitable relationships.

Video and Your Brand Personality

Video-sharing is now the standard go-to for brands in 2021, and with the increased popularity of platforms like TikTok that require highly engaging and easily digestible content, creating brand video (and creating it right) is more important than ever. 

While that may sound scary to you, it doesn't have to be because... I'm here, and I'm excited for YOU! Making the leap to video is definitely a big one for most of us, but like anything difficult, it's always easier with someone who can take care of the details by your side.

Living the Dream

I've been fulfilling my childhood dream of working in film and television for over ten years now, and have grown up acting, modeling, and working behind the scenes on everything from commercials to TV shows and movies (you can even find me on a few Netflix shows!).

I've worked with and personally interviewed some awesome people with incredible stories, from Dave Bautista to Elvis Stojko and Susie Moore to Dini Petty. In fact, interviewing, learning from, and being inspired by people is (after film and TV!), my number one passion, and that's why I'm so excited to bring that to you.

The Fun & Quirky

Outside of the office, you can typically find me taking walks in nature, traveling to some pretty exotic destinations, exploring new recipes (that don’t always turn out well but hey, it’s the effort that counts!), and creating content for my YouTube channel.

Video Is For You

If you want to start using video for your brand but the tummy tickles are holdng you back, check out my Confidence on Camera series - you can do this!

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