Why User Generated Content? 

Olivia G Media is a media platform specializing in UGC content creation

The goal is to provide video content creation services to brands that need short-form videos across their social media platformsAnd yes, we are open to both short and long term social campaigns.

Before checking out, most customers are looking for social proof/testimonials/reviews from people that have purchased from your brand. Don't want to wait for an existing customer that may or not post about their experience? UGC content creation fills that gap in a controlled way.

About Olivia Gudaniec

In 2016 Olivia started her YouTube channel (oliviag.tv) interviewing film industry professionals. Not only was she educating herself but that was her way of networking within the Toronto film & TV industry. Over the years, she's developed a knack for creating fun, engaging video and now posts daily across her social media platforms.

Outside of the office, you can typically find Olivia taking walks in nature, traveling to some pretty exotic destinations, renovating something new in her home, exploring new recipes (that don’t always turn out well but hey, it’s the effort that counts!), and creating content for TikTok/IG/YouTube.

Email Olivia at: hello@oliviagmedia.com

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