About Olivia G Media

I decided to launch Olivia G Media because I wanted to help new actors get started in film and television. When I began my journey in entertainment, I wasted years trying to figure out who was legitimate instead of focusing on growing as an actor. So you can say that I'm determined not to let that happen to anyone else.

In just under a year of business, I've connected with over 50+ new actors! From getting actor résumés set up to selecting their outfits for their actor headshot sessions. I thoroughly enjoy this process. So much so that I've even connected new actors with reputable acting agents.

In addition to helping new actors navigate the world of film and TV, I also provide video content creation services to brands that need short form videos across their social media platforms. The goal is to create awesome, clean, evergreen, and engaging professional video content for brands to appeal to their ideal clients and create meaningful and profitable relationships.

About Olivia Gudaniec

In 2016 I started my YouTube channel (oliviag.tv) interviewing film industry professionals. Not only was I educating myself but that was my way of networking within the Toronto film & TV industry. Over the years, I’ve developed a knack for creating fun, engaging video and now post daily across my social media platforms.

Outside of the office, you can typically find me taking walks in nature, traveling to some pretty exotic destinations, renovating something new in my home, exploring new recipes (that don’t always turn out well but hey, it’s the effort that counts!), and creating content for TikTok/my YouTube channel.

Email Olivia at: hello@oliviagmedia.com

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