Vocal Tips that Will Help You Come Across More Confident & Collected In An Interview

Vocal Tips that Will Help You Come Across More Confident & Collected In An Interview

1. Change the pace up to keep your audience interested. It’s not always going to be super quick and not always calm and collected. Life is a mixture of those and with a bit of practice I’ll show you exactly what I mean. 

Here’s an example: If you’re a fast talker, breathe between your sentences. You can also try this technique. Say one thought to one object/person in your viewpoint and once you’re done, breathe and go on to the next point with your next focal point. Find cues to slow yourself down so everyone can follow along and appreciate what you have to say.

2. Instead of using filler words like ‘ums, hmm’s, ughs and agh’s…take a pause. Silence can actually make you sound more intellectual. This will come with time and I'm going to help you turn it into a habit. Also, when you get high pitched at the end of a sentence, most people come across sounding unsure. So it’s these little nuances that I’m going to catch and help you keep an engaging conversation going.

Now you may be wondering, how am I going to come across calm and collected when I am kind of freaking out? Should I project my voice? Should I tell a joke? Should I be more animated?

The good thing about the world or radio, podcasts and television is that you will most definitely have a mic on you relatively close to your mouth… which simply means you can use your regular tone of voice and we’ll practice it till you get it right. One thing I focus on in our 1:1 meetings is having your tone reflect your facial expressions. Ie When you’re happy then you’re smiling. When you recall back to a hardship or a struggle, that needs to come across in a genuine way. You won’t believe the number of times that I saw those last two reversed.

3. So now you’re probably wondering but how Olivia am I going to deal with unplanned questions/ questions that I don’t know the answer too. Assuming that you don’t get a list of questions in advance, here are my top suggestions… a) If you’re with a live studio audience, encourage audience participation! I.e What do you guys think about this? B) Try to delay the answer by saying you’d like to address it at another time (i.e you’re saving that topic for a new video your posting) C) Admit that you don’t have the answer but will look into it asap.