How To Be Ready For Exposure- What To Consider!

How To Be Ready For Exposure- What To Consider!

People want to see that you have experience but they don’t want to be the first to feature you or take you on.

It’s a bit of a catch 22 right? You want to get featured by the media but no one wants to be the first company that brings you on. I see both perspectives because I’ve been on both sides. The production company or business doesn’t want to take a risk on a newbie. And rightfully so, if that person doesn’t show up or can’t handle the pressure, large amounts of money are at stake and then they’ll have to find someone last minute to replace them or redo the segment entirely OR have to pay more money to try to solve a problem they weren’t expecting to have. So why should they gamble with a risk when they can easily hire Susan who’s shown up and delivered time and time again? When I was at this point, instead of getting angry and feeling like I couldn’t do anything I thought what can I do to show up and change their minds?

What they want and need is proof. Musicians now post their songs online so it’s out there and available to the public to decide if it's worth listening too (with or without a manager or label attached). Actors put together a demo reel from acting classes with their past plays and theatre shows if they don't have TV experience. You get the idea.

The great part is, you already have a business, testimonials that back up the results you provide to your clients and a body of work to show for it! That does count for something. It's now time to take your business to the next level and get that exposure. Stay with me…

That’s why we are going to collaborate and give those TV channels, YouTube/ online shows some of that social proof without them even asking.

We will be starting the conversation by submitting a video interview to the network so they can see you shine—and that will be your upper hand, because it will no long be your first interview that they are so desperately scared of. You now have experience.

If you want to continue this conversation, you can check out my IG Live Replay on Media Kits & Sponsorship decks to know exactly what you need to prepare so we can start working backwards to create the content that will make you shine. If you want an immediate media check list to get started today, head on over to my homepage under resources.