5 Body Language Tips You Cannot Afford To Not Know On Camera (For Interviews)

5 Body Language Tips You Cannot Afford To Not Know On Camera (For Interviews)

1. Please please please dress the part! Show that you care. Spend time on your hair and makeup and steam your clothes if necessary. If you want tips on how to dress for the camera (as clothes on camera do show up differently then in person) just head on over to https://oliviag.tv/clothingoncamera. That will begin the conversation to take you in the right direction.

2. We want to make sure your body language matches your tone of your brand. For example, If you get interviewed by Breakfast Television and it’s televised, we do not want to you rocking back and forth in your chair. This is why we are going to practice being interviewed. You can also do this at home in front of a mirror or with a close friend who can provide honest feedback. If you find that you’re tapping your foot or shifting your weight, consider practicing mindfulness and stillness. Once again, all of these tactics can be applied once we are aware of our habits so film yourself often and take note of your little quirks.

Also, don't discard something as little as smiling as it will make you appear more welcoming. People want to be around happy people. 

3. Eye contact is a sign of confidence. You should know the eye color of the host interviewing you by the end of your segment. Do I need to elaborate on that one a bit more? If I do, send me an email at hello@oliviagmedia.com.

4. Take up space and believe in yourself. It’s your time to shine. It’s okay to feel nervous and I will coach you on how to use that energy. Settle into your seat or if you’re standing make a mental note to really stand up straight and keep your head held high. You’ve made a step in the right direction and the world deserves to see you sparkle. If you make a mistake, keep going. We are all human, no one is free from fault. Remember that confidence isn’t linked to your external success, I would actually argue that it’s rooted in our perception of ourselves.

5. Check in with your body. Are you sweating? Is your face flushed? Are you clearing your throat a bit more than usual? Are these typical reactions that you have? Evaluate the situation. Go back to why you’re doing this and for who.

What’s your body responding too? Is it fear? Is it pressure? Who's putting that pressure on you? Have a conversation with yourself. I find journaling helps. Once you know what’s triggering you, you can start to come up with a system to hype yourself up when you see your body reacting this way. For instance, before I perform or go live I listen to an affirmation audio clip to get myself breathing and in the right state of mine so that my body can perform at its best. Now it's your turn, what helps you show up as your best self?